Berghain turns 10!



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Panorama bar

Panorama bar for me is better, have had some great nights here over the years, maybe a few years ago where better, more house music, out of office/5 euro admission in kantine about 7-8 years ago with tama suma prosumer and steffi with classic oldskoooool house where great, no matter what you say it never turned into a super club and if you go to berlin and go clubbing or go to some of the great record shops in Berlin it will always put juice in your bottle, ohh yeah nobody likes to Q.....

Emz more than 7 years ago


"Berghain has long since been one of the most noteworthy establishments in all of Berlin."

This sounds worse than the Telegraph write-up.

"Berghain is a techno fist-fuck on speed. And that's before you've entered the toilets."

Is a much better description imo, but I'm maybe biased cos I wrote it.

AngelaMerkelsPubes more than 7 years ago

Don't got to this exhibition

It's crap

N more than 7 years ago

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