Berlin’s six-week Kunsthalle



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the other side of the political argument

i really hope the ex berliner are aware of the protest against this exhibition the open letter was printed in Zitty. please research and represent both sides of the debate

sophia new more than 9 years ago

no subject

Well there are a couple of pieces worthwhile among the rest of the rest. But why should everyone of the staff be so rude! Maybe English speaking crowd does have a way too high standards about being polite. But why should those cool Berliners actually bark at you if you experience art in not the interactive way someone has imagined?!

Julia more than 10 years ago

how about the actual art there

Interesting how your review focusses on the politics of the show rather the actual content. Seems that it's the only thing to talk about....and for good reason...AMAZING how such a show gets no critical response..actual critical response..which I guess is a very berlin thing to do...
amazing also the reference to "no stone left unturned"...actual quite a few stones were left untouched and quite sadly because this show is total and utter crap...guess one would call it junk art..the kind made at the last minute, pretends to have some sort of conceptual basis, ends up feeling just like bad junk food..the show should really be called Based at substance, no nourishment, just junk that fills your stomach.
To be more precise about my point, what to make of the car wheels at KW? you have to be kidding me!!! How about, at the same venue, the wall paint piece with a totally pretentious name...again..who are you kidding here?..and the cars on top of the scaffolding at monbijou...first you see them and kind of sponsorship..then you find the artist plaque, and take a second look..but beyond the tag plates changed (to CEO)..still feels like a car show...and nothing of any value comes out of it..ok a critical look at the relationship of art and there...CEO? come on...
and again the rest was so..i've seen it so many times at bad project space that it does not even register..
But there were one or two pieces kind of interesting...the villages at NBK...the weird architectural wall pieces at KW..the Woody allen piece at Monbijou..although that one was a so tucked at the end that the nausea from the other pieces made it difficult to really appreciate.

Disclaimer..I did apply to the show at its infancy and it made the resulting show all the more depressing..just wanted to see something good..and did not..
So after all that 1,2 millions gone..and nothing of value, nothing that will further the art discussion..sad indeed

sam more than 10 years ago

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