Colonialism on display




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a sense of shame..

“A sense of shame that should accompany the display of stolen/looted property of others seems to have completely disappeared from European consciousness,” observes Opoku.

Love this quote. One only needs to pay the British Museum in London a visit to be convinced of the self-imposed "entitlement" to such stolen/looted property of others. A friend of mine actually went on a guided tour in that place, where the guide discussed these matters. At least that then.

G more than 9 years ago

good for us

good for us - we need the art. It looks amazing. Who's got the bucks to fly to Egypt to see Nerfertiti? So rather satisfied to have her at home. Plus, I didn't know the other miss, but I'll pay her a visit now i know..

mike71 more than 9 years ago

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