ICC transformed: The Sun Machine is Coming Down



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No more time-slot tickets available anyway

After finding a website with details on the show, it looks like this is the final weekend and there are no more time-slot tickets available anyway. Too bad this review wasn't posted closer to when the show actually opened on the 7th. People might have had a shot at getting in to see it. In the future, please post show reviews closer to the start and not at the very end of the exhibition.

B. Geyer 5 days ago

More infos

Exactly my thoughts @befremedet. At least add a link to more info.

Come on guys 5 days ago

Cost? Details?

Would be great if there was more info about how someone can visit -- entry fee, opening times, a link to the oeganizers, etc.

B. Geyer 5 days ago

add some infos ?!

No link, no opening times, just a review

befremedet 6 days ago

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