“Resistance is always late. If it’s on time, you don’t need it”



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Lovely. We love Billy. Here is our LP: soundcloud.com/thebonesofstjames



James more than 8 years ago


"Well, resistance is always too late. If it’s on time, you don’t need it. "

Now there's some Dada for you. Brilliantly random and meaningless.

Yogi Berra more than 11 years ago

fragments of God

"to move beyond our perception of ourselves as separate and individual is probably the job of life"

something to think about

I have a theory that if there is a 'god', his biggest challenge for humanity is for us all to come together as one. If we are, as Billy suggests, fragmented parts of God, then us all coming together would (re)create God, and we would all be beyond suffering and pain, eternal, we would be at peace. Right now the world is full of people believing in different ideas of God, and it causes strife, and maybe this is God testing us. If we could understand that we are all looking at the same thing, just from different angles, then we could be one. That would be the heaven, the eternal paradise, that we hear spoken about

Dave the Chimp more than 11 years ago

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