Portraits of war's children


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"the US continued its interminable prostration to the 'warriors of salvation."

Maybe instead you should discuss the German interminable prostration to their percived right of universal dominaiton. Both are bathed in blood and both have the same source.

I know; you'll delete it. But it had to be said.

rrr more than 7 years ago

Our Lebensborn article

Hey Jo Ann,

Look for our own full length piece on a Berlin Lebensborn man in the near future. A totally fascinating and pretty harrowing tale of another one of many far-reaching ramifications of the war... just another that continues to affect people long after the war officially ended.

Walter Crasshole more than 11 years ago

A Lebensborn Child in Remote America

As author of the new historical fiction, Lebensborn, a story of a French girl sent to a
Lebensborn, when I gave my first book talk recently in little Colville, WA., near the
Canadian border, a man spoke and said he was born in Germany during the war and was given to adoptive parents. Now, he said, he was looking for his "true" parents and did I have any information which might help him in his search. I told him that I would send him information about the international war victim tracing organizations as well as links to the Norwegian children who had banded together for support.
I will be going with my publisher to the big book show in Frankfurt in October 2011. Few Germans know of the secret Lebensborn program. Look for me there as I wish to aid others who are searching.

Jo Ann Bender more than 11 years ago

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