"Stop being concerned with yourself!"



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"What we need is a little more competition for excellence and ideas"
Great comment!
I hate to say it, but I see more originality coming from places like London, where people have to bust their asses to pay the rent, where there is more pressure to keep doing, non-stop, than I see from Berlin, where I can walk passed an artists studio and see the same pieces sitting there unchanged for a year, but can see the artist and friends often sitting drinking beer.
Sure, Berlin gives us time and space to think, but if you fill that time and space with other things (like partying) then the time and space no longer exists.
And with 600 + galleries, it can't be very hard to find someone to show your work.
I've stopped to hang around with artists as they just talk and talk and I get tired of waiting to see the artworks they talk about waiting. So no more vernissage for me, I'd rather stay in the studio working!

Dave more than 8 years ago

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