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Equilibrium variant

Equilibrium variant is not an interactive job but it is a cybernetic studio.
I think that before writing incorrect things you should understand about you're writing!

here is the explanation of the work.

The work aims to investigate the potential of Larsen effect* (feedback) using
mobile devices in a three-dimensional space. In a room there are stands,
each of them support two robotic arms. At the end of an arm is positioned a
microphone and on the other end is placed a cone (of different size and power).
When a microphone is located in the vicinity of a cone, it causes the system
to go into feedback (Larsen phenomenon) and then into saturation (breaking
point). The phenomenon of feedback is different for each micro system (made
up of microphone and cone) because each cone has its own specific resonance
due to its physical structure and the materials it is made.
Software created specifically, determines the position of the robotic arms in the system in a
dynamic manner and controls the distance of the microphones from the audio
cones in order to prevent the system to go into saturation. In this way, each
micro system seeks its own equilibrium, but this is physically impossible to
obtain. The spasmodic search for this balance creates a changeable visual and
acoustic dimension, constituted by the various speakers in feedback and which
manifests itself in a sonic manner forever changing and different. The Larsen
effect that is usually perceived as an annoying error, in this context becomes a
means of character and artistic vitality. In nature, the phenomenon of feedback
is the ability of a system to regulate itself, taking into account the effects arising
from the change in the characteristics of the system and all living organisms are
subject. The project brings this phenomenon in the field of kinetics, utilising
robotic technology; an "artificial intelligence" that makes the machine a "slave"
of the processes belonging to the biological world, a "machine" that follows a
typical behaviour of natural organisms.

* The Larsen effect (named after the physicist Søren Larsen Absalon who first
discovered the principle), also known as acoustic feedback, is the typical shrill
whistle that develops when the sounds emitted from a loudspeaker is received
back with sufficient "power booster" by a microphone (or pickup of any electric
musical instrument, like a guitar or bass) and sent it back to the same speaker, in
a closed circuit. The effect is usually triggered when the microphone is too close
to the speaker and captures the frequency emitted by the latter, at any given
time stronger than the other, which is then amplified and reproduced, in turn,
with gradually increasing amplitude, virtually unlimited, except for the fact that
the amplifier goes into saturation.

Roberto Pugliese more than 10 years ago


Equilibrium is not a game!!!
Equilibrium is a work comprised of mechanical arms equipped with a
microphone and a speaker that move and follow each other according to the
acoustic feedback. A complex software system, developed by the artist, controls the
motors and movements of the robots which seem to chase after each other like
children playing hide-and-seek. Feelings of surprise and wonder are kindled in the
observer in face of this theater of sound that is in search of itself.

Roberto Pugliese more than 10 years ago

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