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screening dates for the film MADE IN PAKISTAN

Hi folks,

if you are interested to see the film, here are the dates: Friday 22nd Oct at 7.30 and Saturday 23rd at 11am, both at Moviemento in Xberg (U8 Schönleinstr or Hermannplatz).

You can buy tickets online: www.moviemento.de and if you want to know more about the festival and the program, flip through our catalogue: www.asianhotshotsfestival.com

We are also on Facebook (Asian Hot Shots Berlin) and Twitter (http://twitter.com/asianhotshots) and the Blog is here: http://greenchilies.wordpress.com

Hope to see you at the festival, all the best, tina (Programmer South Asia)

tina lange more than 11 years ago

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