Berlinale interview: Near nerd alert!



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Will the feeling for film, become the same longing for LP's

I just had a feeling reading the end of Chris's interview. Our young people do seem to gravitate towards nostalgia and the past. I remember when CD's came out. I was so glad to not have to deal with cassette tapes anymore, then my nephew goes to college 20 yrs later and he and all his friends are collecting vinyl records, with a mad passion. So I have to stop and think, if film's era is coming to end, how will our young people see it? How will they revive it? It will be so exciting to see what they are inspired to do with film.. It maybe another 20 years after it's "death", but I am thrilled with the idea, that possibly someone from my son Jackson's generation, he's 12, could bring film back to life in a new and incredible way.
One that we never imagined...
The possiblities are endless, and how exciting it that? How inspiring is that? Can you feel it?

Deni Staples more than 9 years ago

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