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abandoned seriousness

This guy was like a child making monkey faces and funny sounds when grown up speaks. Those electrodes to the head were EEG equipment, but for him this were things getting too complicated. Maybe we should throw all such equipment away from anywere then, hospitals etc.? And then abandon all research in any fields of life as well, since we are here dealing with abandoned seriousness and ment to take it for real?

berit more than 10 years ago

Judith Bourque - Robes of Silk, Feet of Clay

Dear David! I learnt to know about you through Judith. I practiced tm for 26 years and I am now happily divorced from Maharish and the tm-movement. I saw the movie clip on youtube and I would like to see your movie. How can this be possible? I am reading Judith's book and it is filling in some gaps for me. Maharishi is for me the most manupulative, greedy, and self-centered spiritual teacher I have come across. It took me quite some time to get back on my feet after a long time in the dark. Greetings from Satyananda.

Klas Satyananda Westholm more than 11 years ago

the film

i think its great what you have done. Keep up the good work. Great Film. Well Done.

rasberry more than 11 years ago

Personal observation

I was interviewed and filmed by David and appear for approximately 0.75 seconds in his film. I found David to be a very serious, very professional and at the same time fun-loving individual. I had spent 2 years as one of Mahesh's secretaries (but not one of the skin boys), had helped create the SCI course and even helped train 1,500 teachers in La Antilla, Spain. Mahesh "rewarded" me, so to speak, by sending me to India to teach SCI.

I felt I knew Mahesh fairly well, having watched him, day after day, moulding people to his way of thinking and getting them to do whatever he desired.

David's film very skilfully demonstrates that Mahesh and his trained minions are not necessarily interested in the spiritual welfare (whatever that is) of the world quite as much as in the financial gains of their very fascist-styled organization.

People need to see this film.

Sudarsha more than 11 years ago

david on the Teufelsberg

Hello David Sieveking
I really enjoyed watching your film in Berlin the other day, coincidence has it I went up the Teufelsberg earlier that day and I agree, a good experience cannot be bought, it might come to you as you contemplate a place and its history.
Rolf, Amsterdam

rolf bron more than 11 years ago

David wants to fly

Hi David Sieveking,
grant film, great laugh, thanks for your courage.
I feel sorry that you did not conntact the independent (FREIE) transcendental art of meditation before you entered into the hotchpotch of the TM movement.
It would have saved you 2000.- € and you might have met meditating people not talking of invincibility, world peace and the key to all problems but practical people like you and me with a good common sense and humor.


Rupendra Das more than 11 years ago

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