Diego Maradona ★★★



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Diego Maradona

this internal struggle between a stocky shy boy from the slums and his tyrannical alter-ego...We don’t meet the womaniser and cheat, meaning you’ll likely end up feeling sorry for the fallen hero..egomaniac with ties to the mafia

Is this all you can say about Diego Maradona?

Shame on you Exberliner !
you should dig better the story of Maradona,I would suggest you a nice trip to Napoli if you cannot afford going to Argentina,learn how to analyse the figure of Diego,his political role,what he meant for Napoli,his fights against the racist and intollerant North Italy,his support to Palestinian people,to the Cubans and South Americans and come back with a better article !
Your words are an insult not only to the figure of Maradona but to a whole cultures and countries He had adopted and defended in the course of his life !


NapoliPower 323 days ago

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