How to get Berlinale tickets

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Impossible to get tickets

I agree, it's pretty much impossible to get tickets unless you book a day off and camp out in a sleeping bag. I tried to get tickets to Iron Sky at 10 am online, first I couldn't get on the site as it was overloaded and at 2 minutes past 10, the screening had sold out. I then went to the Arkaden within 2 hours and they had also sold out.

Rolf more than 9 years ago

Lines are avoidable

There's always the possibility to go to any concert ticket booth in the entire city (as long as they have the widespread Eventim system) and buy Berlinale tickets with a 2 Euro surcharge. It's absolutely worth it for as long you only want to see a movie or two.

Also, tickets for the last festival day cost only 6 Euros, most of the highlights are shown, tickets are on sale 2 weeks in advance and usually last for more than a few hours.

Daniel more than 9 years ago

tickets? easy? are you kidding?!

its total bloodshed and impossible to get tickets. absolutely frustrating for those who can't stand in line for hours and hours at an obscene hour of the morning because they have other things to do. the whole system of a minimal few ticket counters and a website that perennially says tickets can't be bought because of 'high demand' is NOT user friendly and incredibly outdated that you can't just print out your tickets when you buy them online. get a life, berlinale.

ihateberlinale more than 9 years ago

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