Si, Podemos!

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how can I support Podemos?

I certainly can't conceive the idea of supporting a political party like Podemos. After living for 6 years in Spain, studying Journalism in Madrid, visiting the Somosaguas campus where most of the political and economical ideas of Podemos were born, and having a Spanish mother... Having seen families suffer from the economical crisis. Even though I recognized the interesting movement, claiming a change in a country like Spain, where corruption and only an elite has have benefits. Inviting people to make politics together. BUT. How can a young and "radical" (quoting your article) political party can be accused of:

1. being financed by the Venezuelan and Iranian government.

2. all though is currently denied but the political leaders of Podemos, it has been confirmed the hiring from the venezuela government for their political advices.
3. Chavez's speech was amusing. Hey called governments to have a system where they man come first... We all know how Venezuela is doing now. This is not Nicolás Maduro's fault. This is Chávez legacy.

As a Venezuelan, I just fill angered when I see my Spanish friends going down on already-known alley for me. As probably Cubans felt when this all first started for us.

Andrea P. more than 4 years ago

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