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Good retrospective but disappointing screenings.

Even if I don't like all of his movies, it is a nice thing to have a Lars Von Trier's retrospective. However, the screenings, just referring to this case, are horrible: movies made in 35 mm screened in DVD and spoken in German. Just after the complaints, the projectionists would switch to the original language and turn on the German subtitles. I am talking, specifically, of the screening of Antichrist, to be clear, but there is always a similar problem there in Babylon: screenings in DVD when the movie was made in 16 or 35 mm, sound vanished for a long while, out of focus, promises of things that are not actually delivered (subtitles, follow-ups), and so on. Every time I have asked why, no answer. It's a real shame to have several nice projection rooms, and movies, wasted in that way. And to lose otherwise faithful patrons the way they are doing.

Maria A. more than 10 years ago

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