Restaurant trend of 2011? Veggie!



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food ethics

Unfortunately food ethics is not as simple as not harming any animals - ideally we wouldn't harm any farmers or the ecosystem, either. But every little helps.

mary more than 9 years ago

Restaurant trend of 2011? Veggie!

YAY! For Berlin's support of veganism!!!...(Look out New York and London!) It's wonderful how this city is so supportive of a vegan, Animal Rights and healthy lifestyle by making it so accessible:) I've never encountered such progress anywhere else. Thanks for the article:)

Nia more than 9 years ago

bio vs vegan

It's great to see a compilation of all the new veg places that opened! Do note that Veganz, the vegan supermarket, also has a cafe that serves food. And I just want to say that your ethics rating is a bit off for me. Sfizy Veg may not be all bio, but they are all vegan, which means ethical treatment of animals as well as the environment. And I have had really great pizza there. Vegikreuz may be all bio, but the fact that they serve cow's milk totally ruins it because dairy production is harmful to the lives of cows, the environment, and human health.

Amara more than 9 years ago

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