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Try Lecker Song on Duncker for authentic dumplings.

B more than 6 years ago

Beef Noodle Soup

While I can't say with confidence how it compares to "real" Chinese, having never been to China, I can say that Beef House ain't bad.


Joshua more than 6 years ago

Chinese food in Berlin

Hi Hilda,

Enjoyed reading your article and seeing your take on the Chinese food scene in Berlin. Unforgiving and straight to the point without any MSG (if you get what I mean), as one should be when it comes to good Chinese food.

Having spent half of my life outside of China, but lucky enough to have a dad who cooks awesome Chinese food from 东北, I too scrutinize my food all the time, and compare every dish I get served in a Chinese restaurant to that of of my dad's cooking or something I had in really good restaurants in China. It's been more than 3 months since I started living in Berlin, and coming straight from Switzerland I have to say, the Chinese food (and going out to eat in general), is definitely a huge improvement. But I have also sadly stopped having high expectations for Chinese food outside of China, just as your theory points out, to taste authentic. But I still do enjoy eating Chinese food in a restaurant, dishes that I'm too lazy to make, or taking some friends and having fun watching them fuss over eating chicken feet or tripe. So thanks for sharing your secrets on the places and dishes that you would still go back to eat. Will be sure to check them out.

Have a good spring festival dumpling queen...

Yi Mu more than 6 years ago

liao xiang

Have you tried Liao Xiang,Wichertstrasse 43.? Also, there's some unexpectedly good chinese menu at the city guest house pension berlin on Gleimstrasse. These may not meet your expectations, but definitely worth trying if you haven't before!

Mark Hammond more than 6 years ago

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