Four Indian (and one Pakistani) restaurants you should know about



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The best Indian food I have had in Berlin is from Joseph's, a small cafe two minutes from S-Bahn Friedenau. Well worth visiting/ordering from.

Tim Woods 38 days ago

Missed out one of the best in Berlin in my opinion


Thanks for the advice on Indian restaurants. As a Londoner that is one of things I miss most .

One of the best I gave come across is is Zaika. Nothing fancy about the interior etc but a decent menu and there ‘hot’ is The Real McCoy.

Will 38 days ago

Plus one for Zaika

Have been to 10+ Indian restaurants in Berlin, Zaika is still a clear (and local) winner.

Kasia 38 days ago

a definite favourite

Also a favourite for us Australians, the food actually has flavour, heat, and spices unlike most Germanified offerings of other vendors.

Cate 32 days ago

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