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Not a Tex-Mex fan

The most authentic tacos are to be found at Chaparro, La Tortilla Atomica, Aguevo and Ta Cabron, cheap, simple and as served in Mexico. Papalotl is Mexican Nouveau cuisine, not traditional and a bit pricey, not exactly to my taste. I'm not a fan of Tex-Mex, that said, I'm Mexican but I have never been to Texas, so, I don't doubt the food there might be good. My experience of tex-mex is from Europe, crunchy yellow 'tortilla' shells, 'salsas' which are merely ketchup with cumin, 'frijoles' which are kidney beans, 'guacamole' with cream in the mix, etc. Truly horrific stuff.

Dyana more than 7 years ago


"unsere Cuisine ist 100% Bayern frei...und wir sind sehr stolz sie hat nur komplexe, qualitäts-Zutaten. Wir haben nur tradionelle und authentische deutsche Cuisine!"

seriously. I walked by the place with the anti-tex mex slogans and and the naive simplicity of the menu brought a smile to my face. Their [Papalotl] cooking is 'authentically' a mix of complex hybrid ingredients from Europe to Argentian??? (read sarcasm) Tex-mex is no more Mexican, than are German variations of the Burger, and Transatlantic variations of the German Hamburger. Although I have to admit, the anti-tex mex rhetoric is directed more at German versions of Texas-inspired food, than it is at traditional foods found in the former spanisch colony and mexican province of Texas.

In any case, all food is hybrid. just like those artificial things called nations buddy.

Patrick more than 8 years ago

Maria Bonita

If any cuisine in Berlin comes close to true Mexican cooking, then Maria Bonita at Danziger Str. would have to be the one! I love everything about this place. If you come here once, I promise you will come back again. I have eaten a lot off of the menu over the years but my 'usual' is the tacos carnitas. Nice combination of flavors and textures....crispy, generous with meat and so so tasty.

They also make the best quesadillas I've ever had in Berlin!!! I had the con queso quesadillas, it was crunchy mildly spicy, and delicious. I was stuffed after two. The habanero salsa was extra spicy and made me sweat. It's very easy on your wallet, too!

Oh temptress of cheese and flat corn! Give me more of your love all days of the week (particularly weekends)!

Yung Pereira more than 8 years ago


Berliners: Don't equate Tex-Mex with Mex-Junkfood. Some of the finest Mexican cooking takes place in Texas in excellent restaurants. I'm.looking forward to trying the Berlin restaurants named in this article. I hope they can compare with what is available in San Antonio, Austin, Dallas, Houston, and dozens of other places. I wonder if these authors have ever been there.

Russell Schulz more than 8 years ago

I wonder

I wonder what you call Mex-Junkfood and what you call fine Mexican food?
The exists only mexican food, which is always delicious when prepared the right and traditional way!

Christian Herrera more than 8 years ago

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