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Best Indian food in years!

I have lived in London for 5 years so when I was invited to visit this restaurant I was not overly excited.
But I was wrong!
The food is fantastic, the best Indian food I have had in years, including my years in London!
Everyone, try it!

Firouz more than 8 years ago


We've been there 4 times now in three months, and even though we live in Prenz'l Berg, we will always come back. The food is just excellent, there is a nice range of really, really tasty vegetarian choices and the service is very friendly and pleasant. Highly recommended!

Jens more than 10 years ago

good food

it was a good choice guys, i enjoyed buddha republic and will be there more often and i do recommend it, amazing food.

chris more than 10 years ago


was in buddha republic last night and enjoyed the great food, i tried vindaloo and it was perfect, finally a indian resturant with class and style,
thank you exberliner,

david more than 10 years ago

Love it

i tried the naan garnelen and Dorade fish grilled in tandoori, it was soooooooo good, love it, would love to go back and i do recommend it, but warn you guys in advance not to order scharf or hot then it can be too spicey.

Elena more than 10 years ago

really good

I realls enjoyed the food and music in buddha republic. the restauarant is highly recommended.

Laura more than 10 years ago

The Best

i have been here in berlin for the last 3 yeaes and although i love indian food i never got good indian food, most are too cheap and too hot, just poor qulaity with a lot of chili so all you can taste is chili and nothing else, the food is so hot and so full of chili that one can not really enjoy the taste,
i think sometimes they make there food so hot so one it kills our taste bud so one can not taste what he is eating,
in buddha republic i ordered a buddha khan, it was fresh made, not full of chili and the presentation was great,
finally a indian resturant where man is not ashamed to take friends to, i only wished they had more selection of european wine, but overall the most elegnat indian resturant i have been to,

more than 10 years ago


After reading the review in Exberliner, I decided to give it a shot. Being a Pakistani and grown up in Pakistan, I really looked forward to a proper tandoori lunch. BUT - what a shame.. To prepare tandoori food in a tandoor also has to taste of something. It is not enough to put something on a seekh and think it is the real deal. No hotness, no flavor (even for my german friend) - simply bland (even after stressing to the waiter to make it H.O.T - Pakistani/Indian/Punjabi hot) So unfortunately we were disappointed and the high prices didn't help the mood either.

Lunau more than 10 years ago

Keep it up

I look forward to tasting some authentically spiced Indian food. I do have to agree that any Indian food I have tried in Berlin thus far has been awful and over seasoned. It doesn't matter what country the restaurant happens to be in, if it advertises traditional recipes then it should include traditional ingredients from its mother country. If the menu deviates from these ingredients, then call it something else so the consumer is not left disappointed.

Foody more than 10 years ago

tip agres with you guys


megan more than 10 years ago

love it

i visited buddha republic on friday night, the food was great, the design and the cool music was lovely, finally an indian resturant here in berlin where they do not try to sell everything for cheap price with bad quality,
i think buddha republic is more a fusion than a typical indian, but whatever it is i just love it,

alex more than 10 years ago

My Visit

I just read this review and agree with the first guy... It's not right to say that all Indian food in Berlin is bad. All articles in ExBerliner usu are thought.

MrMax more than 10 years ago

Thanx guys

visited buddha republic after reading your recomendation, all i can say is the best food i have had after a long long time, it really reamins me of BUDDHA BAR.

adam more than 10 years ago


after reading your article i visited buddha republic, to be honest at first i was not so sure that it is as good as you guys said it is, but now after being there and eating there food all i can say is that they are just sooooooooooooo amazing, i love the food, the design, fusion of east and west and the cool music, BUDDHA REPUBLIC is going to be my number one as long as i am here in berlin.

Dave more than 10 years ago


Great review, cannot wait to try this place. It sounds delicious. Most Indian restaurants in Berlin truly are terrible.

Luisa more than 10 years ago

who wrote this review ?

While I would love to try this restaurant, I probably won't given that the author has no credibility in my mind. No, I have never had the urge to spit out food and shout profanity in a restaurant. Maybe because I've had an education. Or simply because it's usually not the waiter's fault if the food is bad. Berlin has quite a few decent Indian restaurants, and while it may not be London, who can blame Indian chefs for catering to a German crowd since we are after all, in Germany. I have never been to India, but I find it hard to believe that a population, which makes up more than 70% of the world's vegetarians should have the authenticity of their cuisine based on a review of their sauteed shrimp. That would be like going to Japan and reviewing the quality of their pizza. Saying that this place serves the city's only good Indian food is not only a stretch, but an insult to the dozens of Indian men and women who live and work in this city and work extremely hard to do their very best day in and day out. Many of these restaurants advertise in ExBerliner and the magazine should think twice about insulting them like this. Buddha Republic can still be good without the others being so 'bad'.

TheTruth more than 10 years ago

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