BURGER GUIDE: What's between your buns?

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Tried the Burgers at the KaDaWe. If you can handle the "locals" desecrating their burgers by eating them with a knife and fork, they are quite good. Good buns, good meat, ok toppings, a bit pricey. Why have a burger if all you do is eat it like a steak with utensils!

Glenn more than 5 years ago



Piris Enthusiast more than 6 years ago


White Trash has a fish burger/sandwich

Fisch more than 6 years ago

What the cow eats before we eat the cow

German cows, of the cheap burger meat variety, are fed almost completely on slurry.
Doesn't really matter if it's Angus or whatever. Cheap meat is fed on sh*t. Literally.

Ari more than 6 years ago

Black Angus Beef = McDonalds

Great article but citing Black Angus Beef like it is something special is just not true.
McDonalds use this variety of meat and Black Angus is the most common form of beef available. It's also pushed heavily by american PR firms as being superior, when it simply is not. It's impossible for a burger priced at below €8 to be truly organic, grass fed and free range.

James more than 6 years ago

Fish burgers

I wonder why very few of these burger joints offer fish burgers? Found anything sea deliciousness while tasting the options?

Matteo more than 6 years ago

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