Burger Week: BUNS



Revalerstrasse 99, 10245 Berlin

0176 7250 1394

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Parasites. Exploit everything. You've all raped this city now it a fucking burger?

ddd more than 8 years ago


If Mme.Poilane was reviewing a Caribean restaurant and asserted that the flavor of the food was a result of the racial (not cultural) makeup of the chef, would Exberliner have printed that? What happened?

**--** more than 8 years ago

Hamburger Heaven...

Go check out Hamburger Heaven, they have the best street burgers that I had in Berlin. Also, their fries are amazing.

M more than 8 years ago

Stereotypes ahoy!

WTF has the gender of the cook got to do with the culinary result? Back into the previous century with you!

Marco more than 8 years ago

WTF Sexism


Marc more than 8 years ago

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