Burger Week: Volta



Brunnenstr. 73, 13355 Berlin

01 7839 6549 0

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The best burger i have ever eaten! I think about it all the time adn would travel to Berlin again just for this burger alone

ippy more than 7 years ago

Mediocre and overpriced

I don't understand how they can charge 9 euros for this burger? It just isn't tasty. I've had loads of burgers in this town and this is one of my least favorite burgers. You can pay less than half the price of the Volta burgers and get something much more tasty.

Carl more than 8 years ago

haters gonna hate

sorry, but i read only lies. "overwhelmingly salty"? "junk food"? problem w/ the sauce? wtf? you just wanna diss that place. volta burger is the best and most tasty burger ever: perfect meet, the fries are great, the bun is great and what you wrote, is definitively not true. you know it. shame on you!

pinarello more than 8 years ago


...any reviewer who uses "The Bird" (most overrated bite in Berlin) as their measuring stick isn't really qualified to judge burgers in my opinion. Burgers ARE junk food by their very nature. Accept this point, reviewer/hipster... burgers are not a 'gourmet' item anywhere. Any place that cooks their burgers anything but well-done is a load of crap too. They're BURGER's not effing entrecote! It's ground beef, why the eff would you want it pink inside. yuck!

Robert more than 8 years ago


Robert, you obviously have no clue about burgers at all. Go back to McDonalds or your "Currywurstbude".

Evan more than 8 years ago

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