Cô Cô bánh mi: Yuppie Junk Food


Cô Cô bánh mi

Rosenthaler Straße 2, 10119 Berlin

030 2463 0595

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Mon-Thu 11-20:00, Fri-Sat 11-24:00, Sun 12-20:00


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Disagree with Alan R! I love this place!

Alan R, have you ever had a vietnamese sub before (your review is pretty vague)? While it definitely has the yuppie flair of a mitte joint vs. a hole in the wall Vietnamese sub place you might find in other countries with subs for around €1, they have all the flavours and everything down pat to perfection. They are well prepared too with fresh ingredients. I really enjoy the tofu sub there, it's nice to have another veggie option in Berlin.

When a typical sandwich across the street costs around €7 at luigi's, I'd find it hard to say it is 'overpriced' by mitte standards. Sadly (very sadly) I suppose that's the way it is there.

Kevin Kershaw more than 9 years ago


this is the worst, overpriced, overrated sandwich I have ever had.

Alan R more than 10 years ago

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