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Pflügerstraße 25, 12047 Berlin

030 5316 7547

Tue-Sun 18-24:00




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Finally, something innovative here in Europe! I've been bemoaning the dearth of specialized products (grain-free, coconut and nut-based products, alternative flours, sugar substitutes) in Europe for ages. Having a Paleo restaurant right here in Berlin is unbelievable!

anna more than 9 years ago

wish they had a restaurant like this in the UK

wow... reading this I'm so jealous of Berlin :).... starting paleo approximately 5 months ago has been amazing and I've gotten a lot healthier so far but I dream of a restaurant like this where I live (Stoke-on-Trent, England). Hope the restaurant does well :)

Petros more than 10 years ago

Finally a Paleo-Restaurant in Berlin

While Berlin has lots of nice restaurants to eat out, people like me, in the low-carb or Paleo lyfestyle, don't have places to go for a dinner without puzzling the waiter with a side-dish to course recombination. I can't describe how liberating feels looking at the menu without having to read all the contents of every dish just to have an idea of what to order. Hope more restaurants like this one pop out in Berlin, the vegetarian craze got it's own places, let's have some low-carb/paleo eateries in every district.

Edu more than 10 years ago

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