Chez Michel: A bistro like home


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Chez Michel

Adalbertstraße 83, 10997 Berlin

030 2084 5507

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Mon-Fri 11-22:00, Sat-Sun 17-22:00


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Lovely little place to dine.

Will surely visit again next time in Berlin. (can't wait)

Robin more than 7 years ago

chez michel

I love chez michel^^so glad you posted this :) i often go there to get the baguettes for the bar i work for because they are SO GREAT and the only thing i can add is that he's a really nice guy :)

jenny more than 9 years ago


It's "Adalbertstraße 83", not Adelbertstraße people will find it easily ;)

Nat more than 9 years ago

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