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Bad experience

After having been here once and loved the food, I rallied up a bunch of friends, got them really excited and brought them to Chutnify. Similarly to the previous comment, we had a two-hour reservation, the next guests arriving at nine. We almost had to force a waitor to take our order after which not much happened. After 45 minutes we all finally had drinks, and one starter, out of four. After eight thirty we got our main courses, one by one. We almost managed to finish our last morsels (delicious, by the way) before nine. My friend hadn't finished her gin & tonic, because her top-up tonic only arrived at the table at 8:55. Shortly, we were told that the people with the next reservation had arrived and that we would have to leave the table. With basically a whole gin&tonic left, three minutes later we were asked to leave again. My friends were so disappointed with the experience that they were barely talking to me, and I did feel very responsible and bad for dragging them there. None of us are likely to go back or to say good things about Chutnify. And the worst thing: if only anyone had told us that it will take a while to get our drinks, or recommended us to get beers that would be quicker to serve, or apologised at any time during the evening, we could have been easily appeased.

Arika more than 6 years ago

Sorry, Not Worth It

Rarely do I take it upon myself to wage a personal vendetta against a business that has treated me poorly, but Chutnify took the proverbial "crepe".

After reading a similar rave review, my friends and I (all fans of the Indian palate) immediately reserved a table well in advance. We arrived on time and were excited to get started, especially since the table was reserved for specifically 2 hours.

We waited 45 minutes for our drink order to be taken. People at other tables dropped like flies. The food order was taken after another 45 minutes. I had plenty of time to leave a negative review, complaining about the wait. Our first few dishes came out almost immediately (likely from the other people who had ordered and given up), but then the time dragged on for another half hour before the food was brought out. It was not what we had ordered.

Politely, I flagged over someone who had spent the entire time on a tablet computer, apparently keeping an eye on their Facebook page and nothing else. I explained the fact that we had waited a very long time for the wrong dish to be brought out. He quickly ran into the kitchen and brought out the correct order after about 15 minutes (which I must apologize to whoever this order was for, I'm sure you waited much longer). Then he explained that we fortunately did not have to abandon our table within the window (again, must apologize to the people waiting for a table). All seemed well.

Until I was leaving the restaurant, and then the same man had the gall to sarcastically thank me, by name, in front of all my friends, for the review I had left after waiting a solid two hours for our food- a review I had intended to change until that point.

Germany certainly has the reputation for poor customer service, and Berliners for their bluntness. This was pure abuse. Absolutely would not recommend, but kudos to whomever their marketing whiz is that is able to work out various deals for positive reviews.

G.S. more than 6 years ago

A dhosa is not a crepe

A dhosa is not a crepe. It is not a pancake. It is not many things. It is a dhosa.

Dericali more than 6 years ago

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