Crackbuns: Terrible name, great burgers



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Sogenanntes Soulfood

If you're going to call out businesses for inappropriate offenses to black Americans, while you're at it, how about an article on the misuse of the phrase "Soulfood" currently used as a marketing term for everything from salads to ramen to curries to pizza?

Adam Berry 199 days ago


I am happy to accept (without trying them) that these are totally brilliant, but l DO NOT come to Berlin to eat burgers!! There is a monumental kaleidascope of food possibilities in Berlin... wtf?? I, very thankfully, do not come from that Trump-ised sh**hole, so frankly, some form of insideous American food-fare, even if somewhat Germicised, offends me, when in Berlin -- which, btw, has become my favourite city on the planet, by a long way. More than enough of this planet is Americanised to some extent or other, without continuing to add yet more extractions, and full kudos to the French for actually having laws against it-!! Here's the real question: Regardless of how good it may be, what sort of ludicrous dickhead comes to a micaculous city like Berlin, for all the reasons Berlin is Berlin, and with all the amazing array of choices, and then have burgers??!! NO!! NO!!... and in case l didn't mention it already: NO!!!

Steve Hlavenka 204 days ago

burgers are great

I'm looking forward to be addicted

Sif 174 days ago

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