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Funny how most people who object to eating horsemeat are happy to put a £1 on the Grand National, in which three horses were whipped into racing and jumping to their deaths last year... Just saying... that you're all hypocrites.

Besides that, it tastes OK. Having eaten it before I probably wouldn't rush to try it again , but ethically more sound than battery hens etc.

Matthew Barr more than 8 years ago

Not raised for meat

Yes, and because those riding horses are not raised for meat, they are often given medications that should never be given to animals that are to be slaughtered (e.g., bute, de-wormers).

Isoperla more than 8 years ago



vince more than 9 years ago


If you consider an animal that would consider your travel by offering itself as food, you got it pretty fucking wrong to compare it to turkey.

traelsend more than 9 years ago


What an amazing article annabel. You have a serious talent.

Zander Dean more than 9 years ago


hahaha! "love-parade-like transport conditions" -pure gold.

well researched & written. now where can i get some cheap stuff?
nice one annabel!

herr james more than 9 years ago


du hast ein BITCH OF A TONGUE REFER TO LOVE PARADE IN THAT Way denke idiot mensche war killed von police acktion derrrrrrrrr

rudi more than 9 years ago

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