Turkish food: Ku'damm fiasco, Moabit gem!



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the 4-11

reviews like this should be penned! thanks for the expose; it's exactly what good reporting can offer the reader.

d-machine more than 11 years ago


this should have been posted on toytowngermany and not on exberliner

more than 11 years ago

Fair do's

I thought it an informative and enjoyable review.

Thank you

Willsteed more than 11 years ago

This is not what we ordered

Embarrassingly dreadful article focusing mainly on the fuss created (This is not what we ordered. Plus it’s been over 40 minutes: we’re not hungry anymore. Let’s forget about it. We’d like to cancel the order.) rather than on the many good and authentic restaurants all around Berlin.
Just not mentioning Tuğra would have been enough instead of squeezing out a mere subjectivity presented as the salvation from future mishaps.
Hateful for 12.50€ is nothing else than your shadow.
My shadow tells me "Get a grip!"

Guten Appetit mit Hans, the clichee German friend!

Ex-Earthling more than 11 years ago

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