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A Clash of Tradition and Modernity

I wrote a two-part blog post series on the history and future of German beer when I encountered Ludger Berges' Wedding beer shop. He is rightfully still a strong believer that German beer DOES have variety (look at Franconia), but that most of it is forgotten or unavailable in Berlin. He combines that with an acceptance of the new IPA craze in his beer shop. Have a read here!:

Todd more than 8 years ago


In the RAW Gelände try the best lokal kleines Bier Produktion aus Berlin. Rollberg Rot in Urban Spree!

more than 8 years ago


What beer traditions in Berlin fell outside of this law when it was enforced nation wide?

DPJD more than 8 years ago

re: Reinheitsgebot

Hard to say in Berlin proper – a lot of sour wheat beers other than Berliner Weiße fell by the wayside during the Pilsnerification of Germany, but those were actually Reinheitsgebot-friendly thanks to a part of the law I didn't have space to get into here. Northern/eastern Germany in general had a lot of herb/fruit beers though, and those ended up dying out (unless they managed to sell themselves as so traditional/important that the Reinheitsgebot made an exception for them; eg Leipziger Gose)

Rachel more than 8 years ago


The law was enforced nationwide 1903 (acc to wikipedia). At that time, no traditional beer styles that were not according to the Reinheitsgebot, existed in Berlin anymore. The only "tradition" that fell outside the law might be the fact that some brewers could not use cheap ingredients to replace hops or barley malt to save costs any longer.

Lutz more than 8 years ago

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