5 Irish pubs for St. Patrick’s Day

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its a pity the iriah are such a divided race of people sadly to say .

peter o toole more than 8 years ago

st patricks day

2 things, torts it took you a long time to recover regarding your spelling mistake about the same time last year, maybe 11 months this time round, also did you play for the DUBS Ian Robertson, and have a nice white suit, and a fancy car??????? Paddys day in Ireland makes me happy and sad, happy that i am sad, and sad that i am happy, Exile, cunning, silence......Please

berkin more than 8 years ago

Irish Pubs

... as to my comment from March 17, 2012 ... wrong spelling ... Finnegan´s of course...

torts more than 8 years ago

Irish Pubs Abroad

Yes I agree with Ian Robertson. I'm Irish and I believe that the curse of the Irish traveller is the "Oirish Pub"!! What is the point of being in a wonderfully vibrant city like Berlin and sitting in one of these places drinking Guinness which is not all that good to be frank. Get out there and meet the locals in the great bars and drink excellent German beer!

Gordon Fulton more than 9 years ago

Irish Berlin Pubs

What about Finegan's?

Torts more than 9 years ago

Irish pubs abroad

Berlin is full of good places to Drink so why go to an ersatz Irish Bar? For instance I couldn't see me bothering with the "Oscar Wilde" with the excellent Gambrinus just up the road. Still if you are desperate for Guinness I suppose..

Ian Robertson more than 9 years ago

Irish pubs abroad

I totally agree, I'm irish and I've been living here for almost 30 years, it's all to do with your social status and your education and cultural background, I choose which pub I visit at home in Belfast, I would not simply go to the next available pub.

Alan Ferguson more than 7 years ago

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