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derek freeman

@ derek what an idiotic comment. Certain elements of the meal were gluten-free or yeast free (not the bread in the first course obviously) so she mentioned it as a means of description. (That being the purpose of the review.) That means Exberliner is a gluten-free magazine and that Geist in Glad will be barraged by annoying (customers) asking about dietary restrictions?

Maybe Exberliner should hire you to write the reviews since you just exude brilliance.

T more than 8 years ago

why the gluten-free angle?

it seems pretty obvious that those dishes just happen to be gluten-free. Most likely the dumplings were not. Did you ask? Now they are going to get a bunch of annoying people like you asking if things are gluten-free. is exberliner a gluten-free food magazine? i don't think you understand your audience. Can't this crap magazine find anyone better to write restaurant reviews?

derek freeman more than 8 years ago

How much is the curry at curry night?

Surely not €25. It doesn't cost that much to eat at the Taj Mahal. All info appreciated.

The Hunger Artist more than 8 years ago

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