Grusignac: Georgian wine


Weinhaus Grusignac

Prenzlauer Allee 191, 10405 Berlin

030 6686 8136

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Mon-Fri 12-19:00, Sat 10-15:00



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That's for the tip, Sluggo!

Gary more than 10 years ago

Good stuff!

Love this wine shop

Maurice T Frank more than 10 years ago

great shop!

I discovered Grusignac in last month's magazine: it is an AMAZING shop. I warmly recommend it to anyone looking for great wines - sweet or dry, everyday stuff or special treats. And the prices are more than decent given the quality. AND they are super friendly!!! I've dropped German, Italian and French wines - they are too often bad quality or overpriced here. Whether white or red, I've become a Georgian wine drinker - a revelation!

Anna more than 10 years ago

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