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Please add Seoul Kwan

located at Schmiljanstrasse 25 (Friedenau/Schöneberg). No hipster area, but has been the most authentic Korean restaurant in Berlin for quite a while and still is.

Greg more than 7 years ago

Gong Gan - reasonably priced?

Half a year after this item was written, prices at Gong Gan are still the same, but what about the size of the serving? We don't expect the huge portions of a German Schnitzel restaurant' but these were more like half-portions. The quality is great - much more refined then Yam Yam and just as good - if not better - than the more expensive Kochu Karo. Still, paying €6 for a half portion kind of poised us off.

Ronnie more than 7 years ago

Spanish tortilla chips?

Tortilla chips do not come from Spain

Nicole more than 8 years ago

Korean food

If you like Korean food, I would also sugest you Transit, it's really good and authentic. They are feature in a few blogs - www.wait-where.com/transit :)

Stefan more than 8 years ago

Transit - Korean?

Transit is not Korean, and their sole Korean-ish beef dish is not 'authentic' either. However, it is a good place to try a sort of pan-Asian-inspired tapas tishes.

Jessie more than 6 years ago

not to nitpick...

"...a way of life, a defining feature (which involves the skill of eating rice with chopsticks and an acquired taste for all things scharf)." ---- Koreans think it's rude to eat rice with chopsticks; they eat it with a spoon. But otherwise thanks for the post, will definitely try to visit these places!!

Laura more than 8 years ago

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