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racist flair

thought the review was great until the last line-there always has to be something written about the exotic flair of Turks or migrants in Xberg and how interesting it makes everything....of course it has to be a cliche about doner, familial violence or dancing/music/"temperamentvoll." I wish you all would take a critical whiteness workshop. This is just more racist stammtisch talk. I would have expected something slightly more sophisticated.

Jen more than 9 years ago


DON`T say or write "Kreuzkölln" It´s in Kreuzberg. Ok!!!

trudi more than 10 years ago


roderich staff says thanks for the support/this great review =]

Thomas Groh more than 10 years ago

Kreuzberg vs Fhain

nice article, but Kreuzberg, less gentrified than F-hain? How on earth did you come to that conclusion? Last time I checked, rents in that part of town were easily overtaking those in murky Punk-hain. Far more 'Yukis' in Kreuzkoelln than there ever were in Fhain, and Yukis are gentrification embodied.

Marie more than 10 years ago

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