The real couscous


La Casserole

Schützenstraße 54, 12165 Berlin

030 7970 5506

Mon-Sat 12-24:00


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I am American, married to a Berliner whom I met here in Philadelphia. We travel yearly to Berlin for extended stays and have for years enjoyed La Casserole over many other restaurants. Hatem Belaiech's talents as a chef are impeccable: creatively prepared meals are served in lovely presentation, generally with his wife, Hasna, as a congenial server. The soups are fresh and delicious, as are the main courses, with Dorade entree highly recommended. But, as we say in the USA, "It's all good!" HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

Brenda Dixon-Gottschild more than 7 years ago


Berlin has so much to offer - so, thank you for finally moving beyond your usual Mitte- and East-Side-centric reporting.
We checked this place out the other day after reading your article. Here are our comments:
- comfy
- nice atmosphere
- couscous was alright (the texture of the mini semolina was nice)
- food missing the "wow" factor

One can definitely feel that they are battling between the French and the Tunisian cuisine.
My tip to the owner: be proud of your heritage and reflect that FULLY in your food. If you love the Tunisian way of spicing, go all the way and share that flavor with us!

hikkie more than 8 years ago

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