La Pecora Nera: North Italian in Neukölln


La Pecora Nera

Herrfurthplatz 6, 12049 Berlin

030 2501 3346

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Tue-Sun from 18


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Don't Revisit this Restaurant

I was at Pecora Nera today, Tuesday - perhaps the place has changed since the rave reviews in 2013 - but Christ, it really sucked. Even the bread had too much baking soda... The "Entenragout" was not duck. No way. It was over salted cafeteria quality pork Bolognese. The "fresh" Maccaroni, were packaged Rigatoni. The wine was seriously overpriced. I was actually shocked.

Paul Münz more than 6 years ago

Aperitivi, please!!!

I lived for a long time in northern Italy, and found the Aperitivi after work really great. You drink something, eat a few bites, literally bites, as you stil need to have dinner, chat with other customers at the bar. I miss this desperately here in Berlin, I am definitely going for an aperitivo on a saturday. thanks for the tip.

andrea more than 8 years ago

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