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Yes please

As a keen traveller and even keener eater of cupcakes I was delighted to see your post. My next trip will be to Berlin with http://www.dertour.co.uk/city-breaks/berlin-city-break and I hope to try one of those campfire madness bad boys

Emma more than 9 years ago


Let´s Talk Cupcakes - is also in Berlin - and offers delicious cupcakes - as well as cupcake making classes for kids and adults --- all classes are taught in English - giving students an opportunity to practice their conversational English skills in a fun environment.

Check out all of the things on offer at: www.letstalkcupcakes.com 0176 785 545 11

*****Now hiring cupcake salespeople (very well paid). Get in touch with us today!

Let´s Talk Cupcakes more than 9 years ago


You just forgot to mention our Cupcake Café in the old Town "Nikolaiviertel". You have to try our selection of tigertörtchen :-)

tigertörtchen more than 9 years ago

Grande cupcakes.

They're almost twice the size of the other cupcakes, so I stand by it - I think they're a bargain. Yes, they're more expensive than when you get some bake-off pastry from the nearest Bäckerei, but I personally prefer something that's made by passionate people with decent ingredients than some run-of-the-mill glazed Deutch Kuchen for €1.50.

Ida Kys more than 9 years ago

Cupcake Berlin Prices

They are tasty, but 2.80 for a cupcake is fucking insane. They are not big enough that the prices is justified as the author suggests. They went up by 30 cents since last year, which in itself is a massive increase in price.

I have never been back.

henry more than 9 years ago

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