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Meta Mate Bar

Strassburgerstraße 16, 10405 Berlin

0157 8865 7525

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I followed up this piece because I was introduced to drinking mate by some of my Brazilian students about 12 yrs ago. So, I visited the bar (not really a bar), which is located close to, but not obviously to trendy Mitte and PrenzlauerBerg. I was greeted by the owners Fabricio & Krithitra who were simply delightful hosts, who provided an enthusiastic mini lecture on mate as well as a demonstration of the making and drinking ritual.

Mate drinking is very much about the timeless ritual of trustingly sharing with friends where the passing of the cuia subtedly prevents conversation being dominated by any one person - an absolute 'must have' by any political system!

I highly recommend anyone with a curious and adventurous nature to visit Meta Mate... and learn the art of relaxed conversation under the guidance of two lovely people.

Prof. D Mackereth more than 9 years ago


you forget peru and bolivia? mate is from the aborigins from all over south america..
dont give a fuck for those stupids ...

Karl more than 9 years ago


Actually the MATE is characteristic from Argentina, Paraguay and Uruguay.

Leo Matioli more than 9 years ago

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