Mercosy: Permanently popped


Mercosy Bar

Dresdener Straße 11, 10999 Berlin

0176 2400 0602

Mon-Thu 12-22:00, Fri 12-24:00, Sat 16-24:00, Sun 16-22:00


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Super slow and awful service

My friends and I went here for dinner the other night and although the place can only hold about 15 people total, the two people at the bar and one person at the kitchen seemed entirely incapable of serving a few drinks and a couple of food orders with anything remotely resembling competence, not to mention that they were very unfriendly. There are only a few things on the menu, so you wouldn't think it would be that hard to get the orders right, but after serving our order to some other customers who came in later (they took a bite to find out), that table was served their correct order looong before we saw our first meal. Then there was a good 20 minutes until the next one came, etc. until it had been over an hour by the time we all (5 people) got our food (and we only ordered 2 different things). The man and woman at the bar were completely inattentive and we had to actually go up to them multiple times to try to order drinks and things, some of which eventually came, some which didn't (but they tried to charge us for all of them whether we actually received them or not at the end). We were very disappointed because it's a cute little place and the prices are fairly reasonable (though not amazing). The food was tasty enough but the length of time it took for us to get it and the utter incompetence of the wait staff made this a pretty awful experience.

Emily more than 7 years ago

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