Mexican groceries in Berlin: Where to source your hot sauce



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Chili & Paprika

They moved a long time ago to Danzigerstr.

Bubbles 33 days ago

Chili and Paprika has moved!

It’s now on Danzigerstrasse at the crossing with Greifswalderstr.

Alissia 33 days ago

Something is missing here...

Cintli, Mexa, Tlaxcalli, Mexgrocer, Super Iberico, Tentación, Chaparro (both selling groceries those days), La Bodega, La Despensa...and surely some more!

Axel 33 days ago

I agree

There are a lot of stores missing like Super Iberico! Please update your article to help out your expat fans who love finding good ingredients.

R 22 days ago

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