Momos: Himalayan finger food



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Original Momo you can get it here...

best himalaya food in berlin
go to KARMA Restaurant Berlin

Taste Your KARMA more than 7 years ago

nice dumplings

I quite liked these little dumplings. Closeset to the originals where the potato-carrot-cabbage-ginger filled ones. They where surprisingly spicy and quite different than the article suggested (in a positive way!) The spinach and cheese filling got close to the spinach and white cheese version I ate in Nepal. The salad has been really fresh and good value. All in all I like their sustainable and all-organic concept. It's a recommendation to anyone that is after some quality food.

maxi more than 8 years ago


Mushy fillings (and little of them). Strange taste combination. I can't imagine the tomato dip would go with anything, and it didn't go with with our momos. We tried everything. Strangley, my favourite was the spnach and feta, which is more Thessaloniki than Tibet... The nearest these got to spicy flavours was the departure lounge at Tegel! Service friendly and nice, but won't be going back.

Bowhaus more than 8 years ago


Besides the dips, which admittedly sound less than thrilling, what exactly sets these apart from ravioli? Or Maultaschen, at that?

Grumpy George more than 8 years ago

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