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Nalu Diner

Dunckerstraße 80a, 10437 Berlin

0179 678 352

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Mon 9-16:00, Tue-Sun 9-18:00


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ok place but don't expect too much

i am german but lived in the states for a while. went to this small place with a friend from canada. the food is ok. pancakes are very tasty. staff (only guys) is super friendly but seemed to be overwhelmed with work. the interior looked a little bit boring and cold to me. however my friend said that it looked authentic. back section still under construction.

place is just around the corner from my flat. think i'll give it another try in a few weeks.

so lucky i don't live in the wanna be hipster areas of kreuzberg or f'hain where the peolpe think that the whole wolrd revolves around them 'just because they're so ubercool.

like hell more than 8 years ago

phone number is wrong I think

I dialed the phone number given and a man answered the phone who said he often gets wrong numbers.

Eva more than 8 years ago

Place is Great

So I am an American; born in chicago, lived the last 6 years in NY and have moved to Prenzlauer Berg a few months back. I dont care whether or not there is a tomato on the plate (there wasnt though) this food is American. In fact if eaten there twice and both times I stuffed my face (american way). SOO GOOD. East German people are so negative and just hate on things for no reason.The country has so many beautiful things (people, land, cars, access to the entire EU, delicious food, limitless highways) and yet such angry and hostile people living there. Be grateful not stupid. Berlin could be an amazing place if you can manage to stay positive. PS my wife is from Düsseldorf and its a little different story with people.

Mike more than 8 years ago

Fluffy goodness!

The pancakes are pretty damn fluffy and the owner is super chill -- worth the trip! I think a place like this would work better in Friedrichshain or maybe even Kreuzberg. I don't think the yuppies appreciate a simple American dinner meal but I could be wrong. Oh, and I made the mistake of ordering a latte and looked like an ass. Yeah, don't do that.

Nicole Dieter more than 8 years ago

Great restaurant

Having just moved to Berlin from Canada, I was ecstatic to read about the restaurant! I just moved to the PrezBerg area and went there the next day for breakfast.

There were no tomatoes on my plate so I don't know who ordered what because nothing came with tomatoes. There was an orange slice and I was happy to eat it! I had the #1 and my boyfriend had the Denver Omelette. The coffee was delicious and yes - bottomless. The back section we sat in was still under construction but that didn't bother us. The front of the store was really neat with maps on every table.

The service was great - the guy we had was from LA so he was fun to and talk to and had been in Germany for 8 years.

After talking with him we learned the store has only been open and month and they are planning to be open much later but haven't the staff yet.

I can see this diner becoming quite a great spot to hang out!

Yummm more than 8 years ago


To comment #1:
your comment is stupid.

To comment #2:
I grew up in SoCal. And got tomatoes with my breakfast at some diners. It is foolish to think your limited experience defines the national status quo. And your comment is a plug for another diner in Neukoelln (while miraculously failing to say anything about the place other than that it hires Ausländers and germans, and the cook is American. You may have missed the fact that the owner of this place is American. You may have also missed that, in the states, many cooks are not American.

To comment #3:
Thank you for possibly being the only valid comment. Although it's unclear whether or not you have actually eaten there.

To comment #4: You. haven't. eaten. there. why are you even writing anything? You provided no new information.

I also haven't eaten here, and came to this page to help me to decide whether or not I should go. Thanks for using the comment feature for useless dribble.

tom more than 8 years ago

Too bad

Too bad it's in Prenzlauer Berg. Who lives in Prenzlauer Berg anyway except for a bunch of boring yuppies?

Kreuz more than 8 years ago


stfu and move back to australia. thx.

gna more than 7 years ago

A Diner's Frustrations: Lack of edible variety in Berlin

Tomatoes are absolutely NOT served with American breakfast...I've only know Irish breakfast to include those. What's next, molasses on our pancakes and ice cream sprinkles on crackers like the Dutch?!? I guess the Germans don't really care because their own breakfast is nothing better. Real 24-hour American diner's should have incentive from the German chamber of commerce. I'm sure its a hell of a lot healthier than freaking Doner and Schwarma after 10pm. I personally like the idea of knowing there is a real American chef bringing real American innovation to the food frontier here in Berlin. He works alongside real Berlin-based Americans (and Germans), AND provides employment to the Nu-Berliners (aka Auslaender) that the Germans refuse to employ due to their own fickleness and prejudices. Thank you 'CAB Slam' for your delicious contributions.

Also Suspicious! more than 8 years ago

also suspicious

has so much potential but ....leaves you longing for the real deal nevertheless.

aesthet more than 8 years ago


the diners i know are open 24 hours - all american classic which should work in berlin. even though i havent eaten there - because i passes by at 7pm, the decor left me tasteless.

coco more than 8 years ago


I'm a little suspicious. Americans do not eat tomatoes with breakfast; that is a distinctly British habit. But I'll try it anyway. I'm desperate for some decent pancakes and a good over-easy fried egg.

Isoperla more than 8 years ago

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