Neta: Mexican food fight

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Burritos are not Mexican

That thing and the United-Statian's authority on Mexican food have just prevented me from visiting the place :/

Diana Figueroa more than 5 years ago


What "United Statian" are you talking about. It's called a "joke".

Maurice T Frank more than 5 years ago


Maybe read the review a little closer? Neither of us actually mentioned burritos as an example of 'authentic' Mexican food.
And while I won't claim to be an authority on Mexican food (despite having eaten everything from buches to huitlacoche), I do, as a food critic, have the authority to say what is good food. Authentic or not, Neta ain't it.

Jane more than 5 years ago


Actually we agree with one another. Didn't you sense in the sentence "American expats get whiny about Berlin Mexican food" that I don't have an especially positive view on US citizens going on about "authentic" this or that. My point is that whether it's "authentic" (bullshit idea any way), Neta is pretty good.

Seymour more than 5 years ago

no credibility

"American expats can get whiny about Berlin Mexican food"...
Since when are they an authority in Mexican food? Burritos are not even Mexican, there is nothing more Tex-Mex than a burrito, the number of real Mexicans that go to a restaurant and ask for a burrito is zero... Next you're gonna be saying that the chili con carne and nachos with cheese are up to Mexican standards?
Who gave these writers a job? Get your facts straight. This lame attempt of seeming knowledgeable in Mexican food because your from the US just makes you look pathetic and pretentious. Who gave you the moral authority to decide what is authentic Mexican food and what isn't? You have probably only been in Cancun for spring break drinking margaritas and eating "traditional burritos"... This is ridiculous.

Alberto more than 5 years ago

You should really try Ta'Cabron in Xberg

you are up for are treat!



LEo more than 5 years ago

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