Oma-style traditional Trinidadian


Merle's Rum and Roti

Yorckstraße 22, 10965 Berlin

030 7556 5809

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Tue-Sun 16-22:30


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As as Trini living in Berlin

I am super excited and looking forward to enjoy some nice Trini flavor in Berlin!!!!

Darren Alexis more than 8 years ago


I am happy to read about the restaurant and its success wish you all the best for the new
year .We all love you HAPPY NEW YEAR AND GOOD LUCK.

vicky more than 8 years ago

I'm also addicted!

This is the best food I ever had! Truly an amazing experience!!! And the ladies that run the restaurant are the warmest and kindest people. I strongly recommend this place.

Carolina more than 8 years ago

Caribbean food...

Until now I'd have to go to the Caribbean for a roti, or at least "next door" to Holland (with its many Surinamese restaurants)... so naturally I am very pleased with this new option.

Troy von Tussle more than 8 years ago

I'm Addicted

I'm addicted to the roti and rum punch, seriously.....i need help! lol.

Vern more than 8 years ago

Merle's Rum and Roti

This restaurant is fantastic, thanks for the recommendation EXBERLINER. We went there tonight and had a fantastic time! The service was the best we have received since we have been in Berlin and the food is impeccable. We also highly recommend the homemade rum punch (watch out it is super strong) and the food is amazing. We will be making this a reglar visit for us and be returning often. Apparently there is a Trinidad party on the 30th. November...we are already organizing a posse to come with us:)

Gemma more than 8 years ago

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