Pauly Saal: No ordinary school lunch


Pauly Saal

Auguststraße 11–13, 10117 Berlin

030 3300 6070

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We don't do paid articles

Sounds like you had a different experience than us... you can check our review of the actual Jüdisches Mädchenschule to see that we're not doing service journalism

Walter Crasshole more than 9 years ago

Pauly Saal

This reads like it was paid for. "Design temple," "Austrian maestro," "Tasteful jet setting urban professionals," "Holy dish" - my mind is reeling from all this egregious PR-speak. Went to Pauly Saal for dinner, and found the dishes fairly decent (albeit tiny and ridiculously overpriced - think €21 appetizers) but that couldn't make up for the godawful service. Our bottle of wine didn't come until well into our meal, my entree was forgotten and then inexplicably canceled by the hostess even though we'd asked about it repeatedly during the hour we waited with no food in front of us. Our kaiserschmarrn dessert was given to a different table, who actually fucking ate it, and we had to wait half an hour for another one. Felt like hostages the entire three hours we were there. Not even close to worth the high ticket price (although maybe it's less painful when the PR company is picking up the check). We tried five different dishes, and only one - a €32 duck - really stood out. Hands down, the worst kaiserschmarrn I've ever had in Germany. An old man sitting next to us became visibly upset when he tried his; he said it tasted like an omelette with sugar. Daniel Richter's foxes are fun, I guess, but kitschy retro accoutrement does not a "design temple" make.

Dissatisfied customer more than 9 years ago

In my view, not even private events there are worth it

Had a similar experience at a private event there. It took them over 3 hours to serve the different courses, the food was blah...and afterwards we were still hungry! No way I'll be back.

Yes indeed more than 6 years ago

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