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Kebab & Bacon Burger

OK, since I have no religious reasons to avoid pork, I was inspired to create a Kebab and bacon burger over at the McDonald's configurator. If you vote it up, it has a chance of being available for real:

JDK more than 9 years ago

Pork Döner

Maybe if only for a moment you'd consider that the majority of Muslim people doesn't eat pork, you'd understand why is not that easy to find pork Döner....*facepalm*

Oana more than 9 years ago

Epic commment

Loving the pork comment! To assume the role of Captain Obious: as long as 99% of all Döner store owners and operators are Muslim, I don't think we'll see a bacon Döner, no matter how delicious the concept.

Related: try buying a beer from a Libanese falafel store. If you can, it ain't real Libanese.

Re: Porky more than 9 years ago

Editor needed.

I can't make any sense out of those reviews. The text doesn't seem to correlate to the scores. Great idea poorly executed.

Stephen Stewf Coles more than 9 years ago


Lol nerd

Michael more than 4 years ago


Porky you just found a Marktlücke.! How about opening a Pork Döner shop yourself?

Gariba more than 9 years ago

I've been searching for a good bacon Döner, but I can't seem to find one.

Why don't any Neukölln Döner shops carry pork?

Porky more than 9 years ago

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