Paris Moskau: Post-Wall pleasures



Alt-Moabit 141, 10557 Berlin

030 394 20 81

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Mon-Fri 12-15:00, Mon-Sun from 18:00


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Better to order set menu here

The Paris-Moskau is better if you order their set menus. Otherwise, if you order a la carte, then it is causing a long wait in between dishes, especially if the restaurant is busy as is normal for a weekend. The comment about the kitchen being too small is very probably true in this case.

selina more than 9 years ago

In defense of highbrow grub


'Highbrow' can also mean 'rarified in taste', according to the Oxford English Dictionary and is definitely not restricted to the intellectual sphere. It is commonly used to describe art, design, lifestyle choices and yes, cuisine. Though it's been around since the late 19th century, Dwight Macdonald helped bring the term into wide usage in the early 1960s to illustrate its separation from lowbrow (folk/kitsch) and his retooled concept of 'middlebrow' (low-quality mass culture or kitsch disguised as high culture). It doesn't take a great deal of imagination to understand how these categories can be applied to food and wine (Or in Food and Wine!:

As for the passage with the tense problem, mea culpa. Thanks for noticing.

Yer Frendlee Copy Editor more than 9 years ago


Oh, nein more than 9 years ago


You are not saying what they sell at all

Jessica more than 7 years ago


Thank you for your corrections - point taken. Wrote comment in a hurry and saw mistake afterwards, rather red-faced. Hoist with my own petard, eh? Not sure what your age comment is about.
The thing is, I'm just commenting on a published article, therefore I can make mistakes. An editor is paid to publish error-free, high quality copy, which this isn't. That's the difference. Case closed. Bye bye.

ellie more than 9 years ago

Bored At Work

Dear Ellie

It's not 'it's food' - it's 'its food' !

- You use 'it's' to show that you are abbreviating 'it is'. As in, 'She has had her baby. It's a boy!'

- You use 'its' to delineate possession. 'The car is sounding its horn.'

It's the classic way of telling how old the writer of a comment/article is (nobody over 40 makes this mistake) ... which is quite useful, so please carry on!

Dead Soul more than 9 years ago


highbrow means intellectual or highly cultured. A restaurant and/or it's food can't be highbrow.
And 'used to be a xx metres from where the wall once stood'? Mixed tenses ahoy!!!
This article need some serious sub/copy editing!
On a diff. note: I went to this place once. Good food. Tiny portions. Had to eat a falafel on way home, as still hungry. Astronomically expensive. The domain of politicians and food critics only, methinks.

ellie more than 9 years ago

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