Salamat: Iraqi couscous?



Dunckerstraße 18, 10437 Berlin

030 4443 136

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Daily 16-0:00


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If you know that cous cous does not originate from Iraq, why does this review fixate on it?! I wouldn't for example order fish and chips from an Indian restaurant!

You really need to get over it!

Eamonn more than 8 years ago

it is now closed

We tried to go there last night, but apparently it doesn't exist anymore, it's been replaced by a thai/viet restaurant (one more...)

philippe more than 8 years ago

I like that place

I discovered Salamat in the year 2000 when I moved in just around the corner. And I am still going there although I left that area a long time ago.They changed their interior every few years, I always wondered why. I love their food the only thing that buggers me sometimes is that they are really slow. And I mean REALLY slow.
I never was under the impression there were no germans around...

Olivia more than 10 years ago

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